Yanpai Co., Ltd. can tailor-made filter cloths for alumina enterprises. The filter cloth produced by the company is widely used in all processes such as red mud separation, crude liquid separation, crystal seed washing, chemical alumina, etc. in the alumina industry, and is suitable for rotary drum machines, belt filters, vertical leaf Filters, horizontal leaf filters, turntables, flatteners, and all other models.

Special filter cloth for leaf filter:

The special filter cloth of Yan brand alumina leaf filter is made of imported raw materials, high temperature setting and calendering treatment, uniform mesh, stable air permeability and smooth surface. The size standard of the filter bag of the leaf filter is fine and the workmanship is fine. If the equipment is in good condition, the service life can reach 3 months, and the suspended matter can reach below 5mg/L within five minutes.

Leaf filter working conditions:

Each filter needs to handle the minimum liquid flow: 510m3/h
Maximum feed solid content: 300-600mg/l
Caustic alkali concentration (expressed as Na2Ok): 165-175g/l
AL2O3 concentration: 188g- 195g/l
The concentration of Na2CO3 in terms of Na2Ok: 20g/l
Cl concentration: 12g/l
Liquid temperature: 105℃
Solid content of filtered material: 15mg/l

Special filter cloth for vertical disc filter:

Yan brand alumina vertical disc filter special filter cloth, the service life is generally 1800-2000 hours. Now we provide professional customized services for domestic alumina plants, which can be adjusted according to actual working conditions.

Vertical disc filter working conditions:

Filter Media: Aluminum Hydroxide
Slurry solid content: 700~1200g/L
Slurry Nk concentration: 160~200g/L (aluminum hydroxide)
Back blowing pressure: 0.1MPa≤P≤0.6MPa
Operating temperature: 42~50℃
Operation mode: indoor, continuous operation
Vacuum degree: ≤-0.025MPa

Special filter cloth for flat disc filter:

Yan brand alumina flat disc filter special filter cloth, used on the finished alumina flat disc filter, the service life is generally about 2 months. The suspended matter is less than 0.7g-4g/L, and the drying rate of the filter cake is about 4%-8%.

Working conditions of flat disc filter:

Working medium: lye (aluminum hydroxide slurry, filtrate), hot water
Working temperature: -30℃-150℃
Vacuum degree, back blowing pressure: 0.03-0.06MPa
Alkali concentration: 0-320g/L
Slurry flow: 0-180m³/h

Red mud washing:

The settled red mud is still highly viscous, and it is difficult to separate the solid and liquid during the washing process, and it is also difficult to separate from the filter medium.
Traditional filtration machines include box-type filter presses. It is very difficult to wash a single filter cloth. Now most of them use spinning filters. Some spinning filters use an external roller to remove the filter cake. The effect of washing and separation is ideal. The manufacturer uses a horizontal vacuum belt filter, but the effect is not ideal.

Filter cloth recommendation:

In the selection of filter cloth, most of them are monofilament polypropylene filter cloth, and the mesh size is about 30-50um. Yanpai Co., Ltd. and the main alumina manufacturer research institutions have developed and successfully tested the 2815 series monofilament filter cloth. This filter cloth can improve the use effect of the filter cloth on the spinning machine by modifying the process.


The advantages of this kind of polypropylene filter cloth: the uniform and smooth monofilament makes the filter cloth have better mesh stability and cake removal, which not only ensures the quality of the product, but also maximizes the washing effect.

Seed Wash:

The decomposed aluminate solution is separated from the aluminum hydroxide solution in the concentration, the obtained aluminum hydroxide is classified in the classification machine, the fine aluminum hydroxide is returned as the particle to decompose the sodium chlorate solution, and the large part is washed and filtered. Then choose to calcine,
Vertical disc filters are used as filters for seed washing, and vacuum belt filters are also used.

Filter cloth recommendation:

In the selection of filter cloth, monofilament filter cloth or non-woven fabric is generally used. The materials are polypropylene and polyamide. The mesh size of the filter cloth used is 50-60um.


This type of filter cloth has good wear resistance, strong regeneration performance, and a long service life of about 1800 hours, which greatly reduces the downtime caused by replacing the filter cloth.