Working condition analysis

Provide customers with a full range of working condition analysis, including dust removal system diagnosis, on-site inspection of large and small repairs, and fault inspection of dust collectors, etc.

Filter bag selection suggestion

Senior engineers issue the most suitable product selection plan according to the analysis of the working conditions

High quality filter bag production

The professional production team provides quality assurance for the whole process of injection production. With years of experience in the production of export products, Yanpai is accustomed to controlling the production process according to European and American standards, and supporting relevant testing hardware.

Product Installation Guide

Provide filter bag installation guidance, tightness detection, abnormal operation diagnosis, on-site operation advice and other services

Product operation and maintenance guidance

During the operation of the product, provide suggestions for use, maintenance and troubleshooting according to customer needs

Regular after-sale return visits

Combined with long-term use experience, Yanpai Co., Ltd. has cultivated a well-trained after-sales service team, equipped with a set of professional and efficient after-sales service equipment and tools, providing regular after-sales return visit services, collecting and analyzing operating data and providing optimization suggestions.

Create exclusive customer profiles

Collect data to establish customer-specific information and return visit data files to ensure better customer service

Third Party Services

Cooperate with third parties to provide various comprehensive and professional services such as flue gas composition testing, filter bag performance testing, filter bag composition identification, and filter bag failure analysis.