With the increase of population and the acceleration of urban-rural integration, the urban population has become more and more concentrated, and living habits and environment have undergone major changes, and with it, more and more domestic waste has been accumulated. The production capacity of the incineration industry is expanding rapidly, and in recent years, it will transform from infrastructure construction to social basic public services. The composition of domestic waste is diverse, the composition of flue gas generated during incineration is complex, there are many harmful substances, the treatment of flue gas is difficult, and the requirements for environmental protection discharge are strict.

Selected filter material: 100% PTFE membrane filter material

Yan brand ultra-clean filter bag is produced with PTFE fiber as raw material, with 100% PTFE as base fabric, using Yan brand mature acupuncture process, fully imported Andritz needle punch production line to make felt, the filter material is anti-stick, resistant After grinding and anti-oxidation treatment, high-temperature thermal lamination technology is used to coat the surface of the filter material with high-quality PTFE membrane to ensure filtration accuracy and air permeability.

The 100% PTFE-coated filter media operates continuously at 240°C, and the instantaneous temperature can reach 260°C. It is resistant to acid and alkali erosion in the entire PH value range. working condition.