Yanpai Co., Ltd. has taken its seat early in the cement industry and owns a more complete product chain; all kinds of normal temperature, high temperature, chemical fiber, glass fiber and other filtration materials are available; at the same time, Yanpai is also the domestic best quality air slide fabric manufacturer, and its advantageous products are MX, PI, GL -11, etc.

Yanpai’s unique air slide fabric cloth: suitable for cement plant, grinding station, air slant tanks, inflatable box, homogenization reservoir, cement pneumatic conveying, and homogenization reservoir use. It is an essential accessory product in the cement industry.

Cement mill dedusting:

Cement mill dedusting is divided into the raw material mill and clinker mill. Under the original emission standard, PE550g conventional filter media is used with oil-repellence and water-proof treatment.

Inlet flue gas dust concentration: usually ≤300g/m3

Flue gas temperature: all less than 120 ℃

Filter media solution: for ≤10mg/ Nm3 ultra-low emission transformation, the recommended filter media is PE

Recommended filter media is PE ultra-fine blended surface layer 5 5 0 g filter media, oil-repellence, water-proof treatment.

For water treatment, the recommended filtration air speed is less than 0.75m/min.

Coal mill dedusting:

At present, the PE 550 grams conventional filter media with anti-static, oil-repellence, waterproof treatment are used in the new dry cement production line.

Coal mill exhaust gas temperature: generally at 60 to 80°C

Flue gas coal dust concentration: generally can reach 600 ~ 800g/m3

Particle size: less than 10μm accounts for 40% ~ 80%

Filter media solution: for ≤ 10 m g / N m 3 ultra-low emission reformation, we recommend

The filter media is PE ultra-fine blended surface layer of 5 5 0 g filter media, 5 5 0 g membrane, anti-static, anti-oil, water-proof treatment; the recommended filtration airspeed is less than 0.75 m/min;

Kiln head and kiln tail dedusting:

kiln head

Temperature: 150 ℃~200 ℃

Dust concentration: ≤30g/ Nm3

Filter media recommendation: MX550g filter media, PI+MX composite filter media;

Filtration air speed: ≤ 0.75m/min;

Kiln tail

Temperature: 200~240 ℃, 150-180 ℃ after waste heat generation

Dust concentration: ≤ 100g/ Nm3

Filter media recommendation: PI/TF550g filter media, PI+MX composite filter media, glass fiber membrane;

Filtration air speed: ≤ 0.75m/min;