Filter cloth has no side effects on human health

The material of filter cloth is generally polyester, polypropylene and vinylon. These are identified by relevant health departments and used in food, pharmaceutical and other industries without any side effects on human health; food and pharmaceutical industries should be rinsed with warm water before use to prevent dirt from the cloth surface. ; When cutting the filter cloth, it is better to use an electric iron (1500W electric iron) to prevent the warp and weft threads from loosening. Sewing threads must use threads with the same properties; after the filter cloth is used, if the dregs block the cloth holes and the cloth body becomes hard and affects the filtration speed, acetone, oxalic acid, toluene, caustic soda, alcohol and other solutions can be selected according to the properties of various fibers. Soaking, cleaning (rinsing) washing, (the concentration depends on the situation) can make the cloth body soft, restore the hydrophobicity and air permeability of the filter cloth, and improve the utilization rate of the filter cloth.

When the filter cloth is used, the two sides should be arranged flat, and the tie should be placed above the filter plate, and the front and rear two pieces of the filter cloth tied by the tie should be flat to cover the filter plate; one of the filter cloths should be rolled into a slender shape) shape, and then pass through the feed port in the middle of the filter plate of the filter press; check whether the inlet (outlet) holes on the filter cloth are aligned with those on the filter plate.

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