How to choose the filter cloth of the filter press?

Different industries, how to choose the filter cloth of the filter press?

Many customers are very troubled when choosing the filter cloth of the filter press. Is there a filter cloth that is durable and suitable for their own filtering, and the price is moderate?

Yes, many people have experienced this kind of trouble. For the choice of filter cloth for filter press, I personally think the following points need to be paid attention to:

1. All kinds of minerals need high air permeability due to large processing capacity, easy to clean the filter cake, and low labor intensity of workers. There are two types here, one is economical and cheap. This kind of filter cloth is generally made of non-woven fabrics. Generally, non-woven fabrics with low grams are not durable, especially for dry discharge of various tailings. If non-woven fabrics of lower quality are selected, several pieces need to be replaced every day Dozens of dollars are not only not cheap, but also reduce production efficiency, increase the labor intensity of workers, and easily make operators feel tired, thereby increasing the negative emotions of operators, which may cause some losses to the enterprise, so cheap nonwovens Not only is the cloth not cheap, but it increases the cost, loses the enthusiasm of the workers, or causes unnecessary losses to the enterprise.

So I recommend high-strength yarn 750g non-woven fabric, this non-woven fabric is durable and has good filtering effect. If you have customers who are troubled by this matter, you can choose to try it. Applicable industries: concentrates, tailings, coal washing, etc. of various non-ferrous metal ores.

The disadvantage of this filter cloth is that after the filter cloth is used for a period of time, the filter cake is not easy to fall off. Compared with other filter cloths, it will increase the labor intensity of workers. The advantage is that the price is relatively cheap.

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