Yanpai Shares | Congratulations on your auspicious Year of the Tiger!


2021 has come to a successful end. In the past year, Yanpai has been successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 301081), adding a splendid touch to the company’s development history.

This is not only relying on the unity of all Yanpai people, the hard work and struggle day and night, but also on the trust and support of Yanpai from All walks of life and even overseas compatriots.

In the coming new year, all Yanpai people will continue to adhere to the quality policy of “rigoroutpu tthe quality,technology build the brand “, in order to achievethe vision of “becoming a world-class leading enterprise providing solid-liquid separation and air filtration products”  works tirelessly.

Here, I would like to extend my most sincere wishes for the New Year to all the friends who support and trust Yanpai!

I wish you: a happy and happy family, auspicious and prosperous Year of the Tiger! Happy Chinese New Year and auspicious Year of the Tiger!


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